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SEO Consultants

Why choose MCR SEO?

MCR SEO are one of the North West's top organic SEO consultants. With years of specialized, senior-level expertise in technical Search Engine Optimisation, Content Optimisation, Digital Marketing Services and copywriting, We have the knowledge and experienced to help any growing business thrive.

If you think your business might not benefit from SEO strategy, you should know that our clients range from wedding stationery suppliers and financial specialists to engineering firms and luxury chauffeurs. No business is too small, or industry too obscure to get a boost from an SEO-optimised website. We offer a cost-effective ROI, with added flexibility to suit your needs. As an Independent SEO Consultant, we can create tailored packages that are best for you, unlike larger SEO Agencies.

SEO Consultants

What do we do?

We create bespoke SEO strategy campaigns for each client that helps them climb the rankings of Google and other search engines. Our SEO strategies guarantee that all of our clients reach page 1 of Google for select keywords.

Many SEO consultants treat their services like magic, and aren't open about their SEO efforts. We focus on communication with our clients, explaining every step of the process, and why what we do will make your business appear sooner in a Google search.

SEO services used to be offered by marketing specialists, web designers and copywriters. This is still the case for some, but most have removed SEO consultancy services from their profiles. Why is this?

Simply put, Search Engine Optimisation is more complicated than ever. There used to be some SEO strategies that boosted a website in a short time. This allowed many SEO consultants to have a lot of clients that paid highly for a small amount of work. In the last decade, Google and other search engines have stamped out these techniques, making SEO consultancy a full-time job.

Quality content is more important than ever too. In the era of AI we now live in, human-made, personal content is valued by search engines and is a key part of effective SEO strategy. Google especially is already stamping out AI content, so it's more important than ever to bring in a copywriter who is also an SEO specialist.

Unlike other SEO consultants, we offer personalised SEO packages that match our clients' budgets. This can be purely technical SEO, more content-focused or a blend of both. Whatever the best SEO strategy is for your business, we'll make it work for you.

All this is why we are the first choice for many SMEs across Stockport and Manchester.

Here are the SEO Consultancy Services we provide:

  • Free SEO Consultations
  • SEO Strategies
  • Technical SEO Support
  • Website Audits
  • Keyword Research
  • Optimised Web Page Content
  • Blogs (Weekly – Monthly)
  • Link Building
  • Social Media Posts
  • Social Media Management
  • CSS & Web Design Services
  • SEO & Copywriting Advice

What Makes us Different?

Clear Client Communication

For us, communication is key. When you contact us, you won't be lost in a chain of stock emails or forced struggle to get past a busy receptionist. When you hire MCR SEO, the person you meet with will often be the same individual delivering the actual work. Your point of contact is typically the SEO specialist or content writer who is rolling up their sleeves for the client. While we have other clients, you get concentrated attention and more personalised service compared to working with other, larger SEO agencies.

If you decide to join us, you can contact us anytime to ask about the work we provide. We don't overwhelm you with jargon and marketing spiel, you will understand exactly what we are doing every step of the way. Even technical SEO can be explained well, and we can help you develop a better understanding of search engines and the inner workings of your website.

Our team members are always on hand to reassure you if you have concerns and provide updates on the work being done. This can be in the form of weekly reports showing the increases in traffic and where you appear in a Google search, or a more general chat about what you want your SEO strategy to focus on.

Focus on Teamwork

Unlike large SEO agencies who staff with large numbers of employees who often work from an office or central location, MCR SEO Ltd has a flexible, consultant-style approach which lowers overheads. This means more client money goes towards working hours and less toward our overhead, resulting in a more cost-effective ROI for your business.

We also offer our team flexible working options. You may not think that this affects clients, but a team that isn't under constant pressure produces a much better output. With SEO services, every minute of work makes a difference, and more control over those minutes results in a better ethos.

We are the perfect solution for your business if you already have members on your team who can execute SEO-related tasks and help implement your SEO strategy. For example, if you have both a copywriter and programmer on staff, these professionals may be able to implement much of the SEO consultant recommendations provided by a consultant.

In this common scenario, your business would save time and money by hiring an independent SEO consultant versus an entire agency that staffs overlapping professionals and may be resistant to work with your existing team. We communicate fully with your copywriters, marketing team and web designers so everyone is in the loop, which will reduce errors and keep everything running smoothly on both sides.

An Organic Approach

If you've learned anything about the SEO industry in the past, you've likely heard the word 'organic'. Sounds like a strange word to associate with search engines, but it makes sense.

Organic traffic is made up of visitors to your website that arrived naturally. They searched for your industry, your services or even asked a question that your content answers. Unlike with services like Google ads, this means that the visitors are more relevant to you, and will be interested in your products and services. Less organic SEO strategies will bring in higher numbers, but no increase in revenue. It looks like it's working, but your business is still growing at the same rate.

However, increasing organic traffic takes time. An SEO specialist will update content and improve SEO month after month, making your website climb up the search engine rankings steadily. This is when content strategy comes in to give it the extra boost you need.

Words, Words and More Words

Effective content is one of the main pillars of an SEO agency. Comprehensive SEO strategy often revolves around what content is put onto your website, everything from blogs to social media links.

What sets MCR SEO apart is that our content team immerse themselves in your existing content, no matter how much or little you have. This allows them to create content bespoke to you, and that matches the style of your business. If you created the website yourself, you'll naturally be attached to the content you wrote. Instead of tearing it out and replacing it, we adapt and optimise so the content is still 'you', but is also improving where you appear in your search engine rankings.

Our content team also works alongside the SEO consultants, developing the best keyword research and maximising the impact of the content. When used alongside technical SEO, your website will be transformed both on the surface and behind the scenes. Our blogs aren't just for link building either, they're always great to read with relevant keywords so anyone who wants to read more will be guided back to your website again.

Freelance copywriters won't be as clued-up when it comes to SEO strategy, and will produce content that won't be as optimised. Those that work alongside an SEO agency have access to auditing software and technical SEO knowledge that gives them an advantage.

In short, an SEO consultant is lost without a content team, and clients that focus too much on technical SEO lose out on valuable organic traffic.

The Personal Touch

If you value a personal service, look no further than MCR SEO. With our consultant-style approach, we not only give your business a boost but understand you and what you want for your site in the future. Whether it is a complete overhaul or just a few tweaks, we will work tirelessly to get the best results for you.

We at MCR SEO understand that it can take time to see definitive results from SEO, so will explain in detail what results would be expected month by month.

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